Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My favorite thing to play as a child was "house." As in "you be the daddy (or baby) and I'll be the mommy." Usually, I was playing with one of my brothers who would be a baby or the daddy. Sometimes I'd play with a friend and we would each have our own "house" (the landing on the stairs or a branch on a tree, whatever) and we'd be two mommies who hung out during the day. There would be elaborate scenarios developed. And always a few dolls.

I had three little brothers and they all took turns being my dolls over the years. I would dress them up until they fought me off. I loved on them and took care of them. My youngest brother coincided somewhat with my outgrowing of playing with dolls. I guess I took care of him so much that I got used to playing with a live doll.

Dolls have always fascinated me though. I liked the way they smelled, the snuggly nature of the cloth body, the element of real-life play that they gave me. Even though I stopped playing with them years ago, I kept many of the ones I had growing up and have continued to collect them. I believe that holding onto this element of my childhood has allowed me to stay in contact with myself as a child. I hope that this will help me relate to my own child even more as she grows.

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