Monday, July 28, 2008


I have been listening to Stacy Julian (of Big Picture Scrapbooking) talk about the merits of sprinkles for a few years. Last fall I started picking up seasonal sprinkles when they were on clearance, thinking that they don't go bad and Abigail would be ready for them by the next time that season rolled around. Abigail is 18 months old now, and is still very small. Usually she's a great eater, but like all kids she has days that she refuses everything. This morning was starting out to be one of those days, and she has to be weighed this week which is creating some anxiety for me. After offering her a few things, I got the bright idea to add pink sprinkles to her yogurt. She ate it all and ask for more. Then she ate all of her grits - with pink sprinkles. Then she ate pudding with pink sprinkles. Then she ate very well the rest of the day. Pink sprinkles saved mealtimes for me today. And made this day a lot more fun.


MAM said...

We also use sprinkles! My son 3.5 is a picky eater and he puts sprinkles on his PB&J Sandwiches :)

Monica (BPS Classmate)

Drew&Samsmom said...

I used this trick with Drew... He has to take allergy meds every morning that is in powder form... He's seriously tired of the applesauce that I have to put it in so he is really starting to refuse it! The sprinkles worked wonders!