Monday, August 11, 2008

Animal Parks

Well, I couldn't stand the quarantine on our house one second longer, so yesterday we took Abigail to Henry's Ark, an animal rescue farm in Prospect, Kentucky. It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue, the air was cool. Abigail recognizes ducks on site, so she kept "barking" at them (she only likes barking and her bark sounds more like a pant, but she's having fun). There were, it seemed, hundreds of ducks and geese, quite a few chickens and peacocks, deer, alpacas, and all kinds of other animals. The craziest thing we saw were what we believed to be groundhogs at first. Certainly the largest groundhogs we'd ever seen, but then again, I'm not from around here, and groundhogs are a novelty to me. It turns out they are called capybara and are the world's largest rodent. Lee and I are pretty sure they really RUSs that escaped the Fire Swamp.

Abigail especially loved the free-ranging goats that kept coming up looking for carrots. We didn't bring any (we took saltine crackers not knowing they only allow carrots now) so the goats weren't as interested in Abigail as she was in them. She kept patting her leg to get them to come. We don't have a dog. Where did she get that?

All in all we had family fun time outdoors which I miss getting to do very often. Not having any shade at our house really limits the amount of time we like to spend outside. And since Henry's Ark is a rescue facility there were none of the conflicting feelings I have when I go to the zoo. I know that this is the best place for these animals at this point.

What kinds of fun outings do you like to take with the family?

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