Sunday, August 31, 2008

Freezer Paper Stencils - my version

I discovered freezer paper stencils on SouleMama a few months ago. It was an old post, but I just discovered her blog in May, I think, so I explored her archives for a while. I really wanted to try doing it, but hadn't gotten around to it. Once her book The Creative Family finally arrived at our local library (about six weeks after I initially requested that the purchase copies), I couldn't stand it anymore and went in search of freezer paper. I didn't think freezer paper would be that hard to find, but our local SuperWalmart didn't have it, and our former IGA grocery did. Yea for local country stores!

I had located some clearanced canvas bags at Michaels (very cheap - 50 cents but several shredded in the wash), and thought they would be perfect to try this technique on. I was a little apprehenive about trying my own designs, and I really wanted to put my daughter's name on her toy bag we take in the car. As a scrapbooker, I have many alphabet stencils, so I just traced her name using the stencil.

After I traced the stencil, I cut it out with my craft knife. It was a little tricky because with letters you do have negative space to think about. I placed the stencil where I wanted it on the bag, then placed another piece inside the bag (I think this keeps the paint from soaking through). Then I ironed the stencil, making sure that the little dots inside the As and Gs stayed in place. Once I was sure the stencil was stuck to my fabric, I used fabric paint to get my design. For the Abigail design, I used Tulip Soft fabric paint in white velveteen. For Fun Mama, I used Tulip Soft fabric paint in Lime green matte. When the Abigail bag was dry, I pulled up the stencil and then used my heat tool to "puff" the paint.

The great part about this project is how simple it is. I pretty much got the whole thing done during naptime. In addition to the directions I found in The Creative Family and on Angry Chicken, there were also directions on the freezer paper box and of course the paint bottle.

I'm pretty happy with the results. I also painted a bag for me with my blog name in my current favorite color: lime green. I've gotten compliments from people who don't "get" crafty things at all.

I think this is a great project to do with older kids, maybe five and up, but painting only. There's a hot iron involved, and you just wouldn't want to do that with kids. I could let Abigail do the painting part, but I'm thinking at 19 months most of the paint would end up in the "wrong" place. Painting is not about finished product at her age. I'd rather just hand her some paint and a bag and let her do what she wants. I might try that, actually.

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