Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun Food part 1

The past week was extremely busy, including a 18 month checkup, two bouncy play-gym trips, home improvement shopping and very bad colds by Mama and baby. Mama and baby are still recovering, which is not very fun. Anyway, I feel the need to catch-up on posts, but we'll see what happens.

One of my initial reasons for wanting to start this blog was to share (and collect for myself) all the fun-mama type things I come across. One of my favorites was Taste of Home's summer special issue "Fun Food." Now, I love cookbooks and I always have. When I was a kid I liked to look through them, pick out recipes, and drool over dessert photos. I liked looking at kids cookbooks, too, since they always had such interesting photos and recipes. The thing was, I was not an especially adventurous eater. I don't like dairy products (except ice cream) and cheese always seems to be a main ingredient in everything. I don't care for creamy sauces. A lot of the recipes I liked looking at I would never eat. Luckily, so far my daughter will eat just about anything as long as I put it in front of her often enough (she's only 18 months, so we'll see how that goes).

What I've always liked about Taste of Home publications is that they tend to be good wholesome country-type recipes, and there's usually a lot of recipes I'd be willing to try. So I excited to see this special issue on the rack at the grocery store (also seen at Michaels, Target and Walmart). It's broken into fun categories: parties, campfires and cookouts, pizzas, burgers, treats, and kids can cook. It's not just a book that tells you how to arrange veggies on a plate to make them more appealing to young children. I realize that's fun to us, but to a kid who won't eat broccoli, arranging it in an appealing way is not necessarily going to get it to the mouth. I've been cooking and baking for a very long time, but this magazine really showed me some new ways to use food in a fun way. And I think my kid will actually eat this stuff (unlike me as a kid).

My favorite ideas in this book: cinnamon chocolate nachos, salsa chorizo pizzas, the various campfire packet ideas, and all the fun cake decorating ideas.

So, check out this magazine (on sale until Sept 22) and let me know what your favorite idea was. Or, what's your favorite fun food idea in general?

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