Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun With Mommy & Me

Okay, if there is a true Mommy & Me program in Louisville, I have yet to find it. So when I saw this book available in our library's catalog online, I requested it without realizing it was based on the Mommy & Me program. I really like this book, and hope to find a copy to keep. Just like the books in my previous post, this book is arranged seasonally, and I considered including it in that review, but there is a crucial difference with this book. It contains activities for children from birth to 5 years old. That's a huge range, but I think it works well in this book.

Fun With Mommy & Me: More Than 300 Together-Time Activities for You and Your Child by Dr. Cindy Bunin Nurick and Jane Schonberger has two main sections. The first section contains activities for children from birth to 24 months, and has chapter divided into age ranges based on development. The section pertaining to Abigail's age made so much sense and really had some activities that I could do with her right now. It's hard to find age appropriate things for Abigail to do that she will actually sit still for, but I think I've got a shot here. There is also a list for each development stage to guide you to activities if your child is developmentally advanced or delayed. Each activity also has helpful tips and variations.

The second section is for toddlers and preschoolers and is divided into monthly activities. Just like in Treasured Time With Your Toddler, Mommy & Me can provide a curriculum of art projects, seasonal activities (sometimes for off-the-wall holidays that can help break up the week), educational concepts and musical activities. Sending stay-at-home children to preschool is a controversial subject (isn't everything?) and for those who don't want their children to go, this book can help with things like multiculturalism , colors, shapes, and other concepts. Each month also has ideas on how to customize the activities to your child's personality and age. The book's authors intend for the time spent together to be the most important thing, and that the activities you do with your child become family traditions that they will remember participating in year-to-year.

It's all about creating family memories. You never know what your child's first memory will be (my earliest memory is from before I was two years old), but spending time with them and creating with them stacks the deck in the favor of it being a good memory for you both.

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Verity said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and taking the time to share your advice/thoughts with me. It was so amazing to have your support. I am sure I will post more on the subject soon, but just wanted to stop by personally! And the bonus was I got to find your blog! I love the book reviews and this book sounds great for us!