Friday, August 8, 2008

Life with a Sick Toddler

Well, Mama, baby and now Daddy are all sick. Life with a sick toddler - even just one with a cold - has all sorts of challenges. I've a few days ahead of her in this cold, so I know the stages she's going through, but there's just not much I can do for her other than offer nursing and a little Tylanol. She doesn't know how to cough yet or blow her nose. I can't give her throat lozenges or cold medicine. I am sleeping propped up, but she doesn't seem to like that either. So, since I know my throat is sore, I'm making sure to give her lots of Mama's popcicles (still haven't tried the applesauce one, but the mashed banana and V8 tropical juice one seems to be a hit), and I'm keeping lots of ice in her sippy cup.

For a sick kid, she's surprisingly chipper most of the time. The times when she's cranky are working my nerves though, perhaps especially since I'm sick myself. We've had little to no naps all week, and nighttime sleeping is challenging at time. Still, I'm amazed at how she can run all over the house and laugh and play like she does. her main complaint (other than us chasing her with a tissue) is that she can't play with the neighbors until her nose stops running.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on working through a toddler cold, I would love to hear them. Hopefully, I can go back to normal blogging tomorrow.

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