Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I loved popcicles growing up - especially Mayfield banana. We lived in Georgia and didn't have air conditioning so popcicles were almost a requirement around the house in July and August. I like homemade popcicles too, but I've had trouble finding molds that fit my needs. Actually, this was the first year that I found popcicle molds locally (Meijer and Target), and they don't work very well. I made pudding pops for Abigail using instant pudding and whole milk since we're trying to increase her weight and she's at the age where whole milk is still "necessary." (That bit is debateable, I know.) Unfortunately, the molds that I used will not release the pudding pops, so I have yet to see how she likes them. I was able to locate silicon ice swizzle-stick molds at Target on clearance and they are the perfect size for popcicles for a toddler!

So, I've been testing the limits of homemade popcicles for the past few months. The first batch I made used up the last few cartons of whole milk organic yogurt that were about to expire. Abigail and her little friend loved those (something I can't always say for yogurt in its normal state). Earlier this week I tried popcicles using the new V8 fruit and veggie juice. That was trickier, since these molds are open on the sides, not the top. So it was difficult to keep juice from splashing out of the mold and all over the freezer. Abigail did seem to love them though. Not surprising - she has the same cold I do so I can only assume that her throat hurts as much as mine and that frozen juice feels great.

Mt latest experiment is using apple sauce in the molds. I'm less sure about this one, and it's still firming up right now. I'll let you know what my toddler taste-tester thinks.

What have you tried as a popcicle flavor? Or share your other warm weather treat solutions!

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Anonymous said...

We have some popsicle molds from Target that have worked well for us this summer -- they have little sippers on the side for when things get all melty. I have only done juice though! Thanks for all the great ideas. I've been thinking about pudding pops but hadn't ever considered making my own. Oh, and to get the popsicles out I just run them under hot water for a few seconds until they loosen. :)