Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rosie O'Donnell's Crafty U

Rosie O'Donnell's Crafty U came out in April 2008, but I've been living under a rock because I didn't know about it until a few weeks ago when I came across it at Michaels. It's a very good looking book with great photographs of the competed projects. I checked it out at the library to see if it's a resource our family needs. I do really like the book, but the target audience is older - at least preschool. And preschoolers would need a lot of help from an adult to do these projects. Of course, the point of the book is together time with your kids, so that's not really a problem. I am interested in purchasing this book when Abigail gets older.

This is yet another book that is arranged seasonally. I'm not sure why so many craft books do this. Sometimes it seems to be an artifical method of sorting projects. Yes, there are projects that just scream "seasonal" like dying Easter eggs (decorating Easter eggs is actually one of the projects) or creating soapy snowmen, but a lot of the projects can be adapted to any time of the year. There is one chapter at the end for "rainy day" activities that use common household items and are not tied to any season.

I knew I wouldn't get to do any of the projects with Abigail for quite a while, so I made a list of the projects that I most wanted to do along with the page numbers. Now, I just have to hope that this book doesn't go out of print before I'm ready to buy!

My List of Future Projects:
  • Cuff Love p. 22 (bangle bracelets made from cardboard tubes)
  • Photo tray p. 26
  • Sunflower bird feeder p.52
  • Pencil holders/vases p.56, 62 (projects made from tin cans - I might do one of these myself soon)
  • flower prints p.58 (I actually saw something similar as a Martha Stewart Good Thing years ago and I've always wanted to do it)
  • decoupaged plates p. 60
  • Clay beads p.66 ( I was amazed by how easy to make these seem)
  • Tie Die Shirts p.75
  • homemade sidewalk chalk p.78 (I've seen this in several books, and I really want to do it)
  • Sand art p. 90
  • paper chains p.134 (like gum wrapper chains which I never learned to do as a kid)
  • Soapsud Snowmen p.140
  • Cinnamon Clay Ornaments p. 142, 150 (two different projects using this clay)
  • Noisemakers p.152
  • Rope Basket p.170 (this is so simple I might be able to do it even with a toddler - as long as I don't expect her to finish it)
  • Glove Puppets p.180
  • Soap p.190, 192 (several soap making projects I found intriguing - nothing like making a mess and making soap at the same time)

So, while I have seen several of these projects in other places, and even Rosie has said that the pictures do not represent reality (the photos show projects completed by adults, not kids), I still really like this book. I really believe that crafting should be a source of family memories - good ones - and should become a family tradition over time.


Drew&Samsmom said...

I love the fact that you actually "read" these books!! Could you find a book on scrapbooking with boys???

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

It's really more of a "skimming" process. I'm not sure about specifically scrapbooking with boys, but there is a CK Media book on scrapbooking with kids. I'm trying to focus on books that relate to Abigail's age right now (and scrapbooking is way too advanced for a toddler), but I keep getting distracted by the cool crafting kids books.

Vanessa said...

I love the subtitle to your blog. This post reminded me that amazon was supposed to send out this book to me months ago, I need to check on where it is! Sounds like you found lots of activities in there to do so I am excited to get it (one day hopefully!)

Vanessa from