Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Seasonal Crafty/Activity Books

I've been researching books for activities and crafts, looking for ideas for my daughter and I. Unfortunately, there just aren't a lot of ideas that can be adapted to a young toddler. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying each stage as it comes and I love this age (most days - teething is a challenge). She is so happy and full of energy and finds her own activities. I just have days where I see a future of crafty fun, and I know I'll enjoy that too.

So, as a reference for the future, these are some books I've found that I think we'll enjoy once we reach that stage. I hope this list can help someone else too. These books are all arranged by season, although I think some of the activities can be adapted for other times of the year. Each of these books are listed in my sidebar.

  1. Little Hands Fingerplays & Action Songs for ages 2-6 (a Little Hands publication): I really like the books in this series. There are a lot of interesting activities, craft ideas, science experiments, etc. It's just a fun series. I'll look into this book again in a few months. This particular book is good for finding songs and fingerplays to do relating to particular holidays or seasons. We're still very much in a stage of enjoying our fingerplays set to music - or maybe it's just that Abigail and I love music very much and can't get into poetry without it. I'm not sure.
  2. Treasured Time With Your Toddler: I really enjoyed this book, but as I looked through it realized that most of it is geared toward a child in the 2-3 age range. Abigail still seems a bit young to follow all the instruction. This book is divided into chapters by month, and each month has 4 themes. Each theme has a storytime book list, song ideas, recipes and activities (whether crafts or games). So each week you could have a different theme, and treat this book as a lesson plan for your week. The ideas are really fun, but a little beyond what I'm able to handle right now - glue, making pancakes, baking bread. Great ideas, but not likely to happen in our house at this point.

As I said, these are books that I might even look into buying once we get to that stage, but for now we aren't ready for them. They are great resources for anyone wanting to have some structure to the day with a small child.

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