Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Afternoon Dance Party

I am on a quest to lose my baby weight (and by that I'm including the weight gained by eating whatever was available and easy while caring for my baby). This is made more difficult by not having easy access to my favorite exercise programs - walking is difficult when it's hot and there's no shade available (fine for me, but not for the baby) and free weights are nearly impossible with a toddler wrapped around your legs.

I remember my Mama always being fit and strong when I was little. When I was five, I used to go to yoga class with her to babysit my 6 month old brother, who actually spent most of the class draped over her anyway. I think doing some yoga around the house probably would amuse my active girl and I really should try it again soon. I haven't done yoga since I was pregnant.

My current method of exercise though is dancing to whatever music happens through our house. Our resident toddler loves music, and we're often playing cds or singing as we play. I also have a small Ellen Degeneres obsession and have watched her talk show nearly daily since Abigail was about six months old and I sprained both ankles (not a fun thing to have happen with a small baby - although I'm glad she wasn't a toddler at the time). If you don't know, Ellen not only has a 2 minute dance time on her show (which we always dance to) but each time a guest comes on there is a musical introduction too. Everytime she hears the music, Abigail's eyes light up, she stops what she's doing and boogies.

So, that's my new cardio workout. Boogeying down with my baby girl. Wish me luck!

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