Monday, September 1, 2008

Jack Johnson

I have had the Curious George soundtrack by Jack Johnson in my car's cd player since early July. We admittedly only go out a few times a week, and I often am listening to an audio book, but that's still a long time to have a single cd playing. When I was in college and sometimes even now I could listen to REM's Automatic For the People for hours and even days on end, so I'm no stranger to musical jags. I was just thinking today though how glad I am that my daughter not only loves music but that the music she finds soothing is also so soothing to me. I've been a Jack Johnson fan for about eight years, and I'm so glad that he not only has a kids' cd but that we both like it so much. I even caught my hubby singing one of the songs this afternoon. So that's what I'm grateful for today. Intergenerational music.

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Jennifer said...

I know! I am so glad Seth enjoys the songs and videos from TMBG. It's also fun that they are hiring big time people to do theme songs for kids' shows, like TMBG for that Higglytown show and a Mickey Mouse show and Taj Mahal for Peep. That way at least the songs are tolerable and not Spongebob or that annoying MAP song on Dora I have just heard for the first (and hopefully last) time.