Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Toddler Art group

I have been doing a lot of research on toddlers and encouraging art. I read Young At Art by Susan Striker (the author of the Anti-coloring books) and was surprised by what I learned, such as that scribbling is important to the development of written language and that introducing crayons is less about the color about more about the sensation of drawing. I learned not to expect a particular product when my daughter draws, paints or does any other art. Art at this age is about the experience and that crafts with an expected outcome can actually stunt a child's belief in her own abilities. It's a fascinating book, but pretty dense, so after the first two chapters, I kind of skimmed and hoped I got what I needed to know. (As a reviewer on amazon.com says, it's also pretty preachy but if you can get past that it's a good book.)

Since I read Young At Art, I've been looking through various blogs about arts and crafting with toddlers and preschoolers. One that I've come to enjoy is The Artful Parent.

One of the most helpful posts I've found on the The Artful Parent is how to start a children's art group. I'm not sure if I could find enough people who would be interested in this kind of playgroup, but I love the idea of having a group of kids and parents working together on art with no expectation of a particular product.

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