Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things I'm loving right now

I have been reading the SouleMama blog for several months, and am inspired each time she does a Things I'm Loving post. The first time I saw one, I thought it would make a great scrapbook page every once in a while. I also thought it might be a fun blog post. So, thanks to Amanda Soule, here's what I'm loving right now:

  1. Warren Sapp on Dancing With the Stars - I think now that Misty May-Trainer is out of the competition, Warren may be my pick for the season. He has the best attitude, he's versatile, and he can move. He's such a joy to watch. So often the ones that are the most fun to watch (like Steve Gutenburg) simply can't dance and don't last that long. Warren has the potential to go far, I think.

  2. Fall in Georgia - I always loved fall, but since I've lived in Kentucky I've gotten sad each year around September and stayed there until March. Winter starts around late October in Kentucky, and spring doesn't come until late April (if we're lucky). Then it's heat and humidity for the rest of the summer. Being in Georgia more this fall has reminded of what I love (since fall in Georgia actually lasts more than a week or two). The air is cool and crisp, the leaves are crunchy under my feet (so what if it's because of the drought this year - at least it wasn't humid), and there were pine cones everywhere. I miss fall in the deep South.

  3. Candy Corn - I'm a big fan of candy, and "seasonal" candy is so much fun. This year I've discovered Chocolate Caramel candy corn and Caramel candy corn and they're a refreshing change from the regular kind (which I still love). My favorite candy corn, though, is in the bag marked Harvest Mix from Brachs (and some other brands). It's filled with fall shapes in candy corn, chocolate, maple and banana flavors. Love that stuff and it's SO hard to find. This year is the first time I've seen it in at least 3 years.

  4. Vegetable Soup - My mom and I used to make huge pots of vegetable soup and pans of cornbread and eat on it for days. And when it was all gone, we'd make another. Sometimes we'd make a batch in the summer, but we usually didn't start until fall. Today was the first time I've made veggie soup in months, and it was so good. I'm very strict about the lack of meat - it's vegetable soup after all. My secret ingredient? Rotel diced tomatoes and chilies. I like spicy soup.

  5. Language Acquisition - Abigail seems to be learning several new words a day now and it's so much fun. In the past week, she's learned cow, plate, soup, swim suit, silly, and a few family names. Words are so cool!

  6. Yard Sales - I'm not usually a yard sale girl, but we went to my mom's neighbor's sale over the weekend. Not only have I known the family since before I have memories, but this was that rare yard sale with fabrics and antique linens. I picked up yards of fabric for quilting and general fun and one linen pillowcase. Now I'm regretting not getting more of the pillowcases and tableclothes. There's a huge neighborhood sale this weekend that I'm really looking forward to canvasing now.

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