Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby Sling Tutorials

Since I was pregnant two years ago, I have wanted a mei tai baby carrier. I couldn't find one locally, and really wanted to try it on before buying one. I ended up with a Maya Wrap, and while I enjoy using it, at times I still pine for that mei tai I never got. I've heard of a lot of people making their own baby carriers, but sewing seemed so complicated. Thanks to the angry chicken and Bend the Rules Sewing, I'm now finding that sewing is simple and satisfying. So, even though my munchkin will be two soon, I'm considering making that mai tei now. She still likes to be carried, and who knows what the future may hold?

I have found several tutorials and sets of instructions for Mei tais online. Here are a few that I think I will use to make my own. 

The FrankenKozy at "Jan Andrea at home" looks comfortable and has lots of photos in the instructions, although the pleats look comlicated.

These instructions at "Jan Andrea at home" seem easier to follow to me. Maybe it the "no pattern, just cut rectangles" approach.

The mei tai at this site has an interchangable panel so you can change the overall look of your carrier. I love the Asian-fabric on some mei tais, but am concerned about keeping them nice, so this may be the way I go.

And finally, if you're interested in making your own baby carrier, but you would prefer something other than a mei tai, this site has lots of links to instructions for making all sorts of baby carriers.

I enjoy carrying my now-toddler, although we haven't done it as much as I expected we would. I've actually gone months at times without picking up my sling (although, I know it would come in handy on nearly every shopping trip when she begs to be held instead of riding in the buggy). I know there are times when it's very helpful to be hands-free when I'm carrying her and the stroller is often not practical. I like to have my stroller for trips to the zoo, but it's hard for little ones to see unless they're being held. My stroller is very useful for holding my purse and lunch!

Did you use a baby carrier? What was your favorite? Have you ever thought of making your own carrier?

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baby slings said...

I, too, have wanted to try a mei tai. My sewing skills suck though so I wouldn't be comfortable making me own. :(