Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picking up Rocks

I loved collecting rocks when I was a kid. I wasn't especially particular about what kind of rocks they were. I liked pretty ones, which sometimes even included the granite gravel that is so common in Georgia. I constantly has pockets filled with rocks, and I lined the windowsill in my bedroom with rocks I'd picked up on vacation and around our yard.

So I find it amusing that my daughter is a rock collector. She's not particular either. She picks up rocks from our driveway, from other people's walkways, from any place she finds them. She doesn't realize that pockets make great places to stash things yet, but she has stuck rocks in her toy tote bag when I wasn't looking.

Our newest fun activity this week was taking a bucket into our front yard and collecting the rocks that the construction crew left there after building our house. When our bucket is heavy, we use the rocks to fill in the mudholes in our driveway. Abigail seems to enjoy collecting the rocks and spending the time with Mommy doing exactly what she wants to do. Several times when we were engaged in another activity (reading, eating our snack on the porch), she has grabbed her bucket and my hand and exclaimed "Rock!"

I've noticed, though, that she's now dumping her bucket in random spots in the yard and spending more time collecting dirt than rocks. All the same, I think my idea for a "chore" was on target.


Anonymous said...

I love rocks too -- both my grandma and grandpa were geologists! Have you read the book, Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor? It is great for little rock hounds.

MAM said...

Deanna you've been awarded over at :)