Friday, January 2, 2009

My Go-To Meal

I actually love to cook. I love food (as I'm told people can tell since I talk about food all the time). Unfortunately, I have a lot of distractions and can't seem to focus enough to cook a full meal most of the time. My husband also loves to cook, so that works for us at dinner. Lunch around here is usually leftovers from the excellent meal we had the night before. There are days, though, when we just don't have anything left to heat up.

That's when I pull out my trusty Flavor-wave (especially in summer, because it doesn't heat up the house) and cook the breaded chicken breasts we buy in bulk at Sams Club (Tyson breaded chicken breast tenderloins). I originally started buying them because they're only 3 points each on the Weight Watchers system. They are yummy, cheap and healthy. Usually I just heat up a can of green beans to go with them (adding in some kind of garlic seasoning while they cook), but if we're really lucky there are some leftover baked potatoes in the fridge. Leftover baked potatoes make excellent hashbrowns, which I also season with garlic. I've recently remembered the giant rosemary bush out my front door, and started adding a little rosemary while they cook.

Tonight we're going a little crazy and having the chicken with tator tots and canned corn. I realize that probably makes it all a little less heathy, but it's simple and quick. I've also served the chicken breasts with leftover spaghetti, which gave it a caccetori/primavera feel.

What's your favorite go-to meal?


Drew&Samsmom said...

i'm just starting to cook myself... really don't have a fav... yet - im thinking crock pot!

Anonymous said...

Breakfast for dinner is a favorite around here. Simple scrambled eggs with cheese, some bacon and toast, or even breakfast burritos with the same scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, and hash browns (the frozen patty kind, cooked and mushed up) wrapped up in a healthy whole grain tortilla. Pancakes are quick and easy, too. Not exactly the healthiest stuff ever, but very tasty and super quick.