Thursday, February 26, 2009

K-Fed Researching an Affordable Clothing Line

So, I was just scanning headlines on, and came across this article about K-Fed not wanting to buy $500 toddler jeans in this economy (and really, who among us does?). Apparently, it's frustrating to buy your 2 year old a pair of True Religion jeans that they then wear in the mud. So, he's now researching kids' clothing styles so he can start his own line of kids clothes. Has he not heard of The Gap, The Children's Place, or Gymboree? Frankly, those are out of my price range, too. I'm usually grabbing perfectly good clothes from the sales rack at Target or hitting a clearance sale. (And, as I've mentioned, we're often recipients of the hand-me-down.)

Maybe I don't get it because I've never owned a pair of designer jeans myself. I'm okay with wearing the same pair of jeans for years, and I prefer not to spend more than $20-30 on a single pair. My child is small and has stayed in the 6-9 month size for over a year, but even as rough as she is on clothes, all of her jeans are still in like-new condition. So I just don't see the need for K-Fed's "affordable" line of kids' clothing. Don't get me started on fashion for toddlers.

What do you think? Are designer clothes worth it for children?


April said...

for toddlers, it's crazy - for my teenager, if your considering Gap, Holister, and Aeropostle designer - than it's a necessity . . . but not for my 6 year old! haha! My poor youngest (the 5 yo) gets all the hand me downs from big brother . . . ~april

Anonymous said...

I've never worn designer anything my entire life and most certainly wouldn't purchase it for my kids. Toddlers? That is just laughable. ha HA!