Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Many Steps Did You Get?

(If you're new to this blog, see my 10,000 step challenge post.)

Well, I wasn't as successful as I would have liked in my quest to increase my activity level. For one thing, I briefly lost my pedometer for several hours one day. And a cold snap hit the Louisville area, so I was mostly unwilling to go outside for extended periods. I live in an area with high winds almost constantly, so any temperature drop is magnified. I did discover a new exercise dvd at the library that I enjoyed. I'll review it soon, but the title is Fit and Fabulous Mom or something like that. It's a low-impact workout, but I still managed to be completely sore for the next three days after (my fault - I didn't stretch afterwards).

Anyway, here are my results for last week:
  • Wednesday, March 11 - 3967
  • Thursday, March 12 - 3701
  • Friday, March 13 - 1513 (I think it was raining - at least I did the workout video!)
  • Saturday, March 14 - 2747 (I could barely move!)
  • Sunday, March 15 - 3466 (I played cornhole - does that count as exercise?)
  • Monday, March 16 - 3373
  • Tuesday, March 17 - 8433 (we went to the zoo - that always helps my number!)
While the challenge is 10,000 steps, obviously I'm not close to that goal. This is all about increasing your activity level.

If you decided to join my challenge, please post your step counts in the comments. I will choose one person at random to receive a prize. I will close comments on Friday morning (March 20) at 10am. Good luck!

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