Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Remember Sassy?

I had a wonderful chat this afternoon with a dear friend who I've recently introduced to the joys of reading blogs. She mentioned that she has been reading old SouleMama posts while up with her baby at night. I started reading SouleMama last spring, and have read a few older posts, but not many. So this evening, with my sleeping babe on my shoulder, I started reading from the very beginning and came across this post. She mentions loving Sassy magazine as a teen and making a skirt from neckties - and wishing she'd kept her issues.

I loved Sassy, but I didn't read it for very long. I discovered it at my cousin's house, and read ALL of her issues. I even wrote directions for some of the projects in my diary at the time. I should still have all of the issues that I did own though! I'm not sure because my brother cleaned out my room and packed everything up.

Now it makes sense why I love reading Angry Chicken and Soule Mama so much - it's almost like I've found Sassy again, only for a grown-up mommy.

On another note, the same dear friend sent me five issues of Mothering that she was finished with. I love that magazine, and I've spent the afternoon reading and wanting to climb inside the pages at times. Thanks, Abbey! Love you!


momandkiddo said...

Wow, I totally forgot about Sassy. I loved it when I was a teen. And I hated all those other teen magazines.

Anonymous said...

Your post is making me smile as I am up (again) in the middle of the night! Thank you. I remember Sassy. What an awesome magazine.