Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick Day

What do you do with a sick toddler when you happen to be sick yourself?

Yesterday, I thanked myself for checking out a huge stack of picture books from the library (new stories, yea!), and for stocking our digital video recorder (dvr) with our favorite cartoons (Olivia, Toot and Puddle , Scooby-Doo and the Smurfs). My dear husband watched the sick toddler most of the afternoon while I tried to sleep off my sickies, and could be ready for today when we're alone.

Today, even though my throat is getting worse, we've already been rereading some of the favorites from yesterday and plan to work on finishing our stack of new library books. Hopefully we'll feel well enough by tomorrow to go replenish our stash.

How do you entertain a sick toddler?


Anonymous said...

Books, crayons, the television comes out and cartoons are on (we love us some Little Bear and Rocky and Bullwinkle on sick days). But when it's really bad, I just call my husband and ask him to knock off work too. Feel better soon.

momandkiddo said...

It's pretty rough when everyone is sick. There's not much to do but slog through it.