Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yoga Fun

This morning I finally got around to playing the Yoga Kids 2 dvd I picked up at the library a few weeks ago. I love doing yoga, but my practice is very sporadic. I've never taken a class (I am fond of the Yoga Zone dvd series). I'd noticed that a friend had her children doing yoga a few weeks ago and it sounded like fun so I thought we'd try it too.

Yoga Kids 2 is for ages three to six. Abigail is two and while she did some participation, I think she would understand a lot better if she was older. Some of the activities would seem kind of silly for children much older than six, but I do think there's leeway on either side of the age range.

The video uses the alphabet to guide kids through different yoga poses that seem to be renamed for the video. For example, A is for alligator and while the pose seemed familiar, I don't remember that name! I really liked the Namaste song for the letter N, and the ZigZag pose was a great way to end (and a much better name than "dead man's pose" which is how I remember learning it before).

Abigail enjoyed doing the yoga, but she also enjoyed climbing on me while I was showing her how. At one point, I made the mistake of asking her if she wanted to "ride the horsey" when she climbed on my back, and that almost ended our entire session. I'll have to remember that she enjoys doing that. It's not something I usually think to do.

After we finished, I went to our library website and requested several more yoga dvds geared toward children. I'll let you know how it goes.

Go to Yoga Kids for more information.

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Anonymous said...

We never go to yoga classes anymore because the place we went moved and then closed like a year ago, but Seth still remembers how to do "down dog" (or downward dog) which looks kind of like an A. He will do it, but then he wants me to do it so he can go through the "mommy tunnel". Last time I tried to do it I almost fell over, so I guess I might be done with that one until August.