Thursday, April 30, 2009

Attending Sewing Group

I attended my first sewing group on Monday morning. This was the first chance I'd had since joining the homemakers club for my county. My two year old is a late sleeper (I'm SO not complaining) so we were a little late, but it didn't seem to matter.

The first thing I saw as I walked in was the elderly gentleman who had been in my beginning sewing class in March. Sitting next to him was a stack of six to ten pairs of slacks. Apparently, he bought a sewing machine hoping to save himself the $10 per pair charge to hem his pants. I'm not sure that he cared for my exuberant toddler, but I found his presence to be charming. I hope he decides to expand his interest beyond pants (although I suspect he may be hoping to hoodwink one of the other ladies into doing the hemming herself under the pretense of showing him how - I'm not the only one with this suspicion). I did catch myself before discussing breastfeeding in his presence, although I might have been discreet anyway considering I was the youngest adult in the room by many years.

I had hoped that other stay-at-home moms would come to the meeting so that Abigail wouldn't be the only child, but this group was primarily retirees. The receptionist lent us crayons, and I'd brought toys and snacks. Abigail was excited to hang out with so many "ganmas" (grandmas) and got over her usual shyness quicker than I expected. She usually sticks very close to me and is very calm in this type of situation, but this time she actually started running around the room and singing loudly. Forunately the city park is a 2 minute drive away and we were able to get some wiggles out before returning to sew.

Sewing group seems to consist of members bringing their own machines and working on whatever project they want. Several were working on quilts. One sweet lady (who helped me carry my bags from my car) was trying to finish a project from one of the free sewing classes offered this spring. I was working on a project for my cousin's third baby who is expected to arrive next week. I bought the supplies in December, and kept thinking I had plenty of time to finish.

Sometimes it can be difficult to settle us both for a little sewing at home, so it was nice to have the dedicated time and place (in a novel and interesting place - for a toddler) to work. The homemakers club consists of several groups, including the sewing group, machine embroidery, quilting, basket making, and others, meeting monthly. I've been told that I can bring my sewing machine to any of the sewing groups and enjoy the company (and sewing tips). The embroidery and quilting groups are meeting the first week of May and I was looking forward to attending until I remembered that my husband is taking vacation then (family time). I can't wait to attend again!

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