Thursday, April 9, 2009

CKC Louisville

I have been scrapbooking for nine years, and talked my sister-in-law (husband's sister) into joining me after about a year. We have taken a couple of trips to Nashville together to attend scrapbooking conventions and take classes, but we've been waiting for an event to come to Louisville.

Finally, during the third weekend of March 2009, Creating Keepsakes brought one of their conventions (CKC) to Louisville. The thing is, as much as I love scrapbooking I'm really into sewing right now. I'm saving for a nice machine, and the little money I am spending is going toward fabric. So even though I've waited for years to go to a CKC (not to be confused with CKU - Creating Keepsakes University), I didn't really care to take any classes this year. Also, with Simple Scrapbooks folding and so many of my favorite teachers quitting or getting laid off, I wasn't really sure I wanted to attend at all.

After considering it, I decided that it would be worth it to attend and see the floor show at least (the floor show is the shopping area usually featuring products that can't be purchased locally). I managed to find a few things I really wanted. I bought a Fancy Pants gated album that was used in the Have More Fun class I took last summer with Stacy Julian at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I did the project (page a day for September), but never purchased the $40 album that was suggested. I know it's tacky to talk about money, but I don't care. It was too exciting to find this album for $10!!

I also got a 24"x36" cutting mat from Fiskars. I've been wanting a large one to use with my rotary cutter and this one folds in thirds, which I thought was a good idea. Now I'm not so sure because it's not like the folds lie completely flat. Isn't this going to be an issue when using the rotary cutter?

My sister-in-law made the coolest purchase, and now I'm kicking myself for not getting one too. Have you seen the Clip It Up? If you go to the site and click through the photos, you can see that it can be used for scrapbooking embellishments (which I really need it for), jewelry, baby accessories, fat quarters (a quilting term that I've learned is WAY to hard to explain to a non-quilter or at least to my husband). So if I'm a good girl and use up all my embellishments because I can see them, then I can use it for my other crafts. Or since most crafts overlap very well, I can just use it for everything at once. I've already cleared a space in my craft room for it, even though I don't have one. It is so very cool. It's 28 inches tall, and roughly 18 inches wide, depending on what you hang from it.

Other highlights from our day: 
  • Abigail was excited to be allowed to get ice cream for breakfast (Skinny Cow was giving away ice cream sticks)
  • We discovered a wonderful Mexican restaurant downtown. I was impressed with the taco portion of the menu - both American and Mexican tacos with different meats including fish
  • I had my first fish taco - not what I expected and not sure I'll do it again
  • Abigail rode in the Maya Wrap in a back-carry for the first time - but she'd really rather that her aunt carry her
  • We really loved the "Scrapbook Hero" shirt (in the Guitar Hero font)
  • The Bind-it-All demo - this is definitely going on my want list (after the Clip It Up)
  • My sister-in-law not only won a door prize while we were at the convention, she also received a prize from Skinny Cow via Fed-Ex a week later!
There were not as many vendors or make-n-takes as I expected. Hopefully, CK had a better turn-out than expected and will come back next year. Maybe then I'll be ready and back from my scrapbooking hiatus.

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