Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter dessert ideas

We decided over the weekend that we would host Easter this year. Originally we planned to have family and some friends, and expected ten adults and five kids. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to make it and now we're looking forward to six adults and three kids. Regardless, my favorite aspect of preparing a gathering is deciding on and making the dessert. The past few years pistachio cake has been requested for Easter dessert. While I love eating it, pistachio cake is not as satisfying to make as other desserts (I'm just not a semi-homemade kind of girl).

So this year, I'm looking for something different. So far, I'm considering a no-bake coconut cream pie (wonderful recipe from Southern Living) or (possibly and) strawberry shortcake with sour cream pound cake. I've never made the pound cake before, even though I grew up eating it. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot. I'm wondering if those ideas are sufficiently springy - and do I need to include some chocolate?

Does your family have a traditional Easter dessert? Do you have any good ideas for me? Please share!

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