Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sewing Class at the County Extension Office

I've been asked how long I've been sewing and how I learned, and the answer really isn't easy. I got my sewing machine for Christmas in 1996, and my Mama started teaching me by making a pajama pants and then starting a quilt. I started another quilt in fall 1997 (note: neither of these quilts is finished).

I don't think I touched the sewing machine again until this past Christmas. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm really enjoying the process. I was very excited to find the yearly newsletter from my county extension office detailing free classes. This year's offerings included a basic sewing machine class on March 31st. It took some finagling to get me out of mommy-duty by class-time, but was so worth it.

We were given a homemade manual including handwritten directions and instructions pulled from various websites I would not have thought to read. Much of the class was spent learning to thread the bobbin which I had just barely figured out before class. We made a cover for an upright Kleenex box, but I haven't used it yet since we don't keep that size around the house.

The best/strangest part (depending on your point of view) is that I joined the Homemakers organization for the county. (Hubby definitely thought it was strange.) I'm excited because there is a sewing group, a quilt guild and a general crafty group and I can go to all of the meetings, tugging my two year old behind me! That means that people who actually know what they're doing will be sitting next to me to answer my questions when I realize that I've been winding my bobbin incorrectly for six months (or whatever the day's disaster might be).

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Jennifer said...

The term "homemaker" always makes me think of The Happy Homemaker from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. If they do stuff you're interested in, then I think you should go! I have learned more about scrapbooking and knitting from just sitting around with other people who have been doing it forever.