Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Abby's Banken

(When Abigail climbed into my lap while I was typing and saw this photo, she said "There Abby's banken.")

My second sewing project was also from Bend the Rules Sewing. I loved the receiving blanket pattern, and went a little crazy buying flannel on sale. (The project calls for a yard of 2 complimentary fabrics and a layer of flannel in between, but a variation is 2 complimentary flannels.) This blanket is made of 2 pink kitty prints. My daughter loves cats, and I already had one of the prints at home. So I just found another pink kitty to go with it. Since the blanket doesn't use the whole yard, I also made a matching doll diaper and doll bib.

She got the blanket, diaper and bib for Christmas. I wasn't able to put the Velcro closures on before I wrapped them, though. I'm so slow that I still haven't finished them!

Abigail loves this blanket. It goes almost everywhere with us, and her babies get wrapped in it a lot. It also makes a great nursing cover (during winter and spring anyway). I'm trying to find fun fabric to use this summer to make a lightweight blanket that she'll enjoy too.

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