Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, I know I'm behind. I'm okay with that. I hope every mother had a wonderful day.

I woke up with a happy two year old yesterday (I'm not always sure about that), got to take a long shower (alone!), and enjoyed a simple family day. A blood orange based smoothie/juice for breakfast, grilled hamburgers and grilled asparagus al fresco for lunch (I LOVE eating outside), and grilled steak and sauteed asparagus for dinner. My husband presented me with a sweet gift of a framed photo of our daughter that I took last fall, and then hung several photos in our living room for me. Now I need to think of fabulous things to do for Father's Day.

I am on the lookout for Mother's Day gift ideas for next year for our moms and my grandma. Since Abigail was born, all of our gifts have revolved around her. The first year it was photo mugs (from snapfish or shutterfly - very easy) and last year was photo coasters (also from one of those sites). This year, we decided to send a memory card containing lots of pictures for our moms' digital frames (my mom can use it in her mp3 player, too). Both moms enjoyed having lots of new photos since they live far away. I had hoped to make aprons or purses, but didn't make it. Maybe next year.

What kinds of things do you do for your mom now that your an adult? Does you mother's day gift to her always involve your child? I know that our moms appreciate receiving things about and from our daughter, but I can't help but wonder if I should do more than this? Any thoughts?


Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

We get my mom something different each year: some years flowers, but not every year because then it's more of a surprise. Another year we got her a little framed fabric square that we got on a trip to Japan. This year we sent her a mug from CafePress with an image that came from a watercolor portrait of us with our seven cats! (We have no kids, so they're her grandkitties....) I wish I could post the link here but it's very long so I don't think it would work. The artist is Susan Faye and it's on her Cat Ladies blog. Our portrait is called "Star Struck" and it appeared on April 27 of this year.

Also, on my stocking stuffers blog I did two weeks of posts on Mother's Day gift ideas (I post one item a day, every day of the year). It's at http://stockingstufferaday.blogspot.com (it's for fun, not profit, so I hope you don't think this is spam!)

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Sammye Jo said...

Showered alone???????? Now that is a gift! :)