Monday, June 1, 2009

Easter Dessert Follow-up

I realize it's been a while since Easter, but I was informed that I'd forgotten to mention what we decided to have for dessert that day. I made a sour cream pound cake and sliced it for strawberry shortcake, and my friend made a real coconut cream pie (she used a fresh coconut and everything).

The sour cream pound cake doesn't sound adventurous to me except that I'd never made one before. It's a family recipe that my mama tweaked and made her own. I love this cake. We used to have it as a bundt cake - my favorite was eating it frozen and sliced for breakfast. When I was a teenager and Mama started making wedding cakes, this was the cake she used most often (that's when I learned that it was really good covered in buttercream frosting).

It's kind of funny that this was the first sour cream pound cake I'd ever made since I've been baking cakes from scratch since I was eight or nine. The last step involves folding in egg whites and I was pretty intimidated. Fortunately, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I'm actually excited that I was able to pull it off. My husband doesn't especially care for it, so now I know I can bake one, and put most of it in the freezer (only for occasional breakfasts).

As for the rest of our Easter, Abigail had her very first Easter egg hunts (one the Easter Bunny left and one with friends), and received several books, spring pajamas and other fun things in her Easter basket. The Easter Bunny apparently decided that she was far too young this year for a basket filled with candy, because she didn't get any. She did discover jellybeans and M&Ms in the eggs during the Easter egg hunt with her friends later that day, though. Abigail loves jellybeans but once she discovered the M&Ms, she stopped everything else until she'd eaten them all.

Now I'll try to be a little more current in my postsings. (Yeah, right. Soon to come? Photos of birthday cakes from January.)

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