Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun Food 2009

Last summer I featured a special issue from Taste of Home magazine called Fun Food. I was surprised to find a Fun Food special issue again this summer! I guess it's an annual summer thing.

Abigail really likes the cover photo and told us that the cupcakes had butterflies on them. It's kind of weird because she loves monkeys. I thought she would recognize them.

Here are a few of the recipes I would like to try:
  • truffle chocolate cupcakes - page 13
  • not-fried ice cream cake - page 15
  • going bananas (butter cookies) - page 16
  • root beer cupcakes - page 20
  • oatmeal cookie pizza - page 44
  • toasted almond ice cream balls - page 48
  • peanut butter coconut balls - page 50
  • true love truffles - page 59
  • chocolate chip cheese ball - page 60
  • caramel pretzel sticks - page 68
  • coconut pineapple pops - page 77

I found my copy of this magazine at Sams. I'm sure it's also available at Costco, Michaels, JoAnns and grocery stores. It's on sale until September 21, 2009. I was not able to find it on the Taste of Home website, though (perhaps I didn't look hard enough).

Do you have a favorite fun food that you like to serve your family?


Sammye Jo said...

I bought this issue at Walgreens! I thought it looked so cute and can't wait to try some of the things for Matthew! My family loves my Taco Ring, which is quick and easy!

Jennifer said...

Did they have any food that wouldn't be a treat? Something less sweet, more healthy I mean. Healthy food can be fun! Maybe you just want to try all the sweet stuff.:)

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Yes. there are healthy, non-sweet, non-treat things in the magazine. I'm just a sweet treat fiend! I really should look for more fun healthy food, I know. :-)