Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mommy Treats

Lately, I am enjoying:

My new Contigo mug  - I broke the last of my plastic water bottles last month. I wanted an aluminum water bottle but I couldn't find one that was insulated. My husband suggested looking at Costco for a Contigo mug (he uses his all the time for coffee) even though we hadn't seen them in months. I was so excited to find them in stock last week when we went. My favorite part? The olive green lid. Green - any shade  - is my favorite color. I also like that it doesn't leak when it tips and that it's unlikely to crack across the bottom if I drop it at the zoo like my plastic one did last month.

Kernal Season's Popcorn Seasoning in Caramel - I have been searching for this far longer than I am willing to admit (especially since it is easy to order online) but we finally found a small container a week ago at the Family Video Store (the one with free kid rentals - love that!). One week later and there may be enough for one more bowl of popcorn. I really need to get some more.
Ginger beer - Jamaican is my favorite brand and I can only find it at a small Asian grocery next to our favorite Chinese take out place. It's got a very strong ginger flavor - much stronger than ginger ale and even stronger than most other ginger beers I've tried. The only problem is that since I don't get it very often I tend hold onto it longer than necessary rather than drinking it and going to get more. I'd like to look into making it myself some time.

Please forgive the shoddy nature of the photos. I took these with my cell phone. I'm testing different ways to add photos to this blog. I know it's nice to see pictures on a blog but it feels like a tedious process to me. This way was easier, but these photos are really bad. At least I'm working on it though!

Another thing - that basket in all the photos. Can't remember where I got it but I absolutely love it and wish I could find another. Although it might not be as special then. On Sunday it looked fabulous holding a tea towel and a batch of pretzel rolls. Then again, what wouldn't?

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