Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Rise Pizza Crust

My husband is a fan of He's found several recipes that have become family favorites. The recipe we perhaps use the most is this no-rise pizza crust. We eat homemade pizza about every other week, so I'd say this recipe is by far our most used one from recipezaar. We have other crust recipes we like, but if we decide at the last minute that we want homemade pizza, this one can get us pizza fairly quickly (we don't keep premade or mix crusts on hand).

For toppings, we usually have pepperoni, and we freeze sausage in small quantities for pizza and spaghetti.We're also open to making barbeque chicken pizza, taco pizza (we also freeze leftover taco meat), or whatever strikes our fancy. We do try to keep some kind of sauce in our cabinet or fridge so we always have some pizza makings on hand.

This pizza takes maybe 20 minutes to make (not counting baking time), and 10 minutes of that is letting the dough rest while you gather your pizza toppings. And you get a real pizza with homemade flavor and none of the fillers or preservatives in premade crusts. Yum.

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