Monday, August 24, 2009

There's a Hole in the Bucket

I let Abigail check one book out of the library last week (since the librarians will have to enter everything manually for a while I didn't want to cause too much work for them), and we chose There's A Hole In the Bucket with pictures by Nadine Bernard Westcott. This book is now out of print, unfortunately, because it's wonderful!

I've loved the song since I was a little kid and saw a skit on Sesame Street, and I couldn't just read the story to her. I had to sing it with the strong twang that I remember. The illustrations in this edition are wonderful, with animals following Henry all over the farm to watch his antics, and Henry's revenge on Liza at the end is priceless (hopefully you'll be able to find a copy, but if not - he dumps the final bucket of water on her head).

Does anyone else remember this skit?

I've also discovered that you can get vintage Sesame Street on dvd (thanks, Holly!) Old School volume 1 (1969-1974) and Old School Volume 2 (1974-1979) are both available on amazon (and anywhere dvds are sold, I'm assuming).

What was your favorite Sesame Street skit when you were a kid?

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