Friday, August 21, 2009

What I've Read and Enjoyed Lately

Just a few of the things I've enjoyed reading lately and wanted to share.

  • I'll Make This Quick @ Write.Click.Scrapbook - Rebecca Cooper is the guest blogger and she writes four tips on getting pages, journaling and photography done. Also a mini lesson on photographing your layouts if you don't have a scanner.
  • Books About Colors @angry chicken - All about making color books for your kids using paint chips from the hardware store. I think my interpretation of this project will be different than hers, but it sounds like she got a different interpretation from each child, anyway.
  • Tuesday Tutorial: Jen Lee Tell The Whole Story @Ali Edwards - a great article on journaling and getting the whole story down.
  • Diapers For the Doll @The Artful Parent - I tried making a doll diaper last fall and didn't do a very good job. Seeing how well hers turned out makes me want to revisit the tutorial now that I'm more familiar with my sewing machine.
  • The Road To Miss Rumphius' House @Sharon Lovejoy Writes. . . - When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to "teach" a reading class of third graders for several weeks. One of the stories we read was Miss Rumphius and the book has had a soft spot in my heart ever since. Not to mention that I love Sharon Lovejoy's books on gardening with your children. I've always wanted to be like Miss Rumphius, but will take Ms. Lovejoy's advice and use native wildflowers.
  • Fizzy Bath Bomb Cupcakes @Make & Takes - What I like about this post is that it's a science experiment and a craft project, and you can do it with things you buy yourself instead of buying one of those beauty supply kits in the kid's section at the toy story (the ones that keep getting recalled?). I think it's so much cooler to show your kids that you can find the materials anywhere and you don't have to buy a kit to make the craft. I also don't get the Magic Cookie bar kits either since all the ingredients are right there on the shelf next to the kit box.
  • Artwork in Your Home: the How, the Where , the What @Simple Mom - Guest blogger Heidi talks about how to group your art and how to make it more meaningful (example - create it yourself, no matter how simple, instead of hanging something mass-produced).
  • 14 Books to Help Ease Through Transitions @Simple Mom - A helpful list of books to read to children through all kinds of transitions from a new baby to starting to school to losing a loved one.
  • A Bridal Shower Gift @playful.productive.present - A cool idea for any shower really - I can see using this idea at a baby shower to give moms helpful advice or ideas for playtime activities.
  • If You Can Remember @beauty that moves - I'm thinking of printing this poem out and hanging it where I can see it on a daily basis. I especially like the parts about understanding your child's maturity level and letting them gain indepence instead of forcing it on them (or keeping them from it).
  • Beach Blanket from Handmade Home @Sew Liberated - I can't wait to make this blanket! Maybe I'll have time in September. In the meantime, I'll drool over all the versions I see in blogland.
Have a great weekend!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Fun Mama, Thank you SO much for mentioning my Miss Rumphius blog entry. I too loved that book and imagine how tickled we were to find we live less than a mile from her home (and on the same road) and that the lupines we see blooming were planted by Hilda so many years ago.

I love reading your blog entries. I am not as faithful a blogger as I could be, but being able to tune into so many creative lives feels good.

Best, Sharon Lovejoy

Abbey said...

What a great list of inspiring sites! The Artwork in your Home is really speaking to me today. I want to fill some of our blank walls, so I really enjoyed the tips in that article. I am excited to see what the boys and I come up with.