Thursday, September 24, 2009

Allergies and other things

I had grand plans to post yesterday, but I wasn't able to finish in time and yesterday's post will be available tomorrow. Instead, I spent the majority of yesterday getting tested (along with my husband) for allergies. I have been battling eczema and sinus issues for most of the time that I've lived in Kentucky. I don't remember having allergies, seasonal or otherwise, when I lived in Georgia.

It turns out that I have some common allergies, such as dust, mold and grass pollen, and one that completely shocks me: I'm allergic to my cat! I've had cats since I was two years old (although they were always outdoor country cats) and we've had our indoor, sleep-in-our-bed cat for nearly nine years. I never suspected that I might be allergic to her!

We won't be getting rid of her (the doctor didn't even suggest it, fortunately) but we will be taking measures to limit our exposure  to what's bothering us. This means a campaign to clear out clutter in our home. One of the suggestions from the doctor was to limit our stuffed animals and wash them regularly in hot water. I'm wondering what this means for my new interest in making dolls.

I'm a little overwhelmed by the implications, but am looking forward to a future where I can breathe and don't itch. Wish me luck!

Some things I learned:
  • the Ohio River Valley is one of the worst locations in the country for allergies (ok, I knew this already, but for those of you from elsewhere, you've now been warned)
  • going outside all the time and keeping windows and doors open may not be the best thing for me (break my heart - really)
  • fumes from cleaning fluids, flowers (fragrance) and other substances are not necessarily allergens  but if you have allergies, they are more likely to bother you
  • pine pollen IS an allergen, even though I've argued for years that it isn't
  • flower pollen is rarely an allergen - the pollen is too sticky to get into our systems - however if you think you're allergic it could be that you're sensitive to the fragrance from the flower
Wish me luck. This is going to be an interesting ride for this nature girl.

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girl said...

we moved here from eastern nc, and as bad as allergies, the weather, etc. are here. i swear they were worse there.

the fact taht you mentioned pine pollen, caught my attention because in eastern nc, pines are about the only thing you see (other than the silly palms theyve brought in from who knows where) and the pollen from said pines is INSANE!