Friday, September 4, 2009

Links to Share

Just a few things that I've read recently and enjoyed. I hope you do too.

  • Battling Mommy Brain: 6 Strategies to Boost Brain Health @Simple Mom - I seriously believe that I lost brain cells as soon as I got pregnant and they keep disappearing at an alarming rate. Here's proof that it's not all in my head, and a few ways to combat it.
  • DIY Reusable Lunch Set for School @Make and Takes - A full tutorial for a  reusable lunch bag made from an old pair of jeans and instructions for a reusable sandwich wrap.
  • Rain Gutter Bookshelves @Chasing Cheerios - I've seen these before, and seeing them here made me want them even more. I like being able to see the book faces instead of just the spines. This might be a good solution for rubber stamps or magazines and idea books, too.
  • Plaster of Paris and the Best Art Group Project Ever @The Artful Parent - This anything-goes sculpture project sounds like lots of fun!
  • Homemade Empathy Poster @Ohdeedoh - What a cute idea! I'm not sure if my two year old could make all the emotion faces or would understand it all yet, but toddlers do understand more than we give them credit for. I may try this one soon.
  • Painting on Fabric @The Artist, The Mom - Painting on muslin for wallhangings. Actually, she was making nametags but her daughter made a wallhanging. I'm not sure if tempera paint will work - she used fabric paint.
  • Life Story Pages to Print @Becky's Blog (Becky Higgins) - This is an old post that I somehow missed at the time. Becky shares two pdf files with her readers - one for teenagers to tell their life story and one for adults. The way they prints makes two pages per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, so it makes a half size album. Totally doable. It's just a fill-in sheet, but isn't that better than nothing? It won't take long and then it's done and you can do something more later if you want. Your life story is so important!!
  • The Magic Heart @Unplug Your Kids - An idea for using a symbolic object to remind our family members we love them even when they're grumpy. The author uses a stone heart but the comments also suggest making a softie heart (a usable pattern is available in Handmade Home by Amanda Soule).
  • Photo Album Scrapbooks *10 Tips* @playful.productive.present - Tips on setting up a photo album scrapbook. If you haven't seen one of these, please go to this post. If you think you can't scrapbook because it's just too much, then you've got to see this concept. I'm almost finished with a photo album scrapbook from multiple trips we've taken to the same city, and it's been SO much easier than trying to *scrapbook* all of it would have been.
I just got home from a long series of trips that we've taken over the last month, and I'm recovering from some crud I picked up along the way (and shared with my daughter, mama, daddy and two of my brothers). I am looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend to relax with family and friends (and recover). I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I plan to!

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Jennifer said...

I like the bookshelves, but I know that we have WAY too many books to fit. We are already overflowing the regular bookshelves we have. It might be nice for favorite books or to rotate books out to remind Seth that they exist. It might be nice to have one solely reserved for library books to keep them separate from other books, as we tend to end up with them mixed in with everything else we've been reading.