Friday, September 18, 2009

Links to share

I really do hope to post more regularly next week. This week has been busy in strange ways. I am working on a post that will answer some things that have been mentioned in the comments lately. I never know if people are checking back for my responses or if they've subscribed to the comments, so I prefer to do it this way when possible.

Just a few things I've found and enjoyed in the last few weeks:

  • A Lost World Discovered - Scientists have found a "lost world" in a crater in a rain forest in Papua New Guinea that has 16 new species of frogs, giant rats and kangaroos that live in trees. It just amazes me that there are new species of animals yet to be discovered.
  • Easy Repurposed Pillows @betz white - A cute and seemingly easy way to make pillow cases (that can be removed) for your throw pillows.
  • Thrifting Fairy Godmother @Out of the Crayon Box - The whole post is interesting, but scroll to the end to see what she plans to use instead of a wreath on her door this year. So cute!
  • Transformation Thursday: A Pair of Chairs @Out of the Crayon Box - This post makes me want to repaint our kitchen chairs, which I don't think would go over well. It also makes me want to go looking in yard sales for decent chairs I can repaint.
  • How to Make a Designer Hospital Gown @Skip to My Lou - What a great idea for anyone who needs to be in the hospital for a length of time. At some point, we all know someone who could benefit from something like this, so it's a good idea to keep in mind.
  • Copy Cat Apron @Little Birdie Secrets - Showing just how easy it can be to make an apron. Maybe someday I will be convinced!
  • Painting With Colored Ice @Fun With Mama - What a cute idea! Food coloring and water frozen in ice cubes.
  • The Season of the Witchy @Angry Chicken - All about making herbal remedies with kids, which is cool because I just got a book on making herbal remedies and have already made stuff for my parents' and my brother's animals.
  • Pocket - Artist Trading Cards @Unplug Your Kids - Artist trading cards for kids - what a fun thing to on an afternoon.
  • Tips for Journaling with Kids @Make and Takes - I've been journaling off and on since I was eight years old. This post shows you how to help a younger child journal.
  • Harvesting the Worm Bin @Unplug Your Kids - I had a worm bin a few years that went horribly wrong. This post makes me feel like I could try again (maybe in the spring. . .)
  • Roar! Dinosaur Pipe Cleaner Toys @ Make and Takes - Abigail still seems a little young for pipe cleaners, but she is into dinosaurs. I plan to keep this on my list for the future.
  • Fabric Buckets in Quantity @Salt and Chocolate - Aren't these buckets adorable? And don't you just love the blog name?
Have a great weekend!

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