Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Vitamix

We bought our Vitamix in May. I can not overstate how much I love it. I've wanted one since I saw it at the Kentucky State Fair nine years ago and saw how they made salsa, soup and ice cream within minutes of each other in the same container.

So when I learned that Costco would be having a Vitamix rep doing demonstrations, I put it on my calendar. I wanted to at least see it again and see if it would cost as much as I remembered. 

We stood watching through three demonstrations. Our daughter drank juice after smoothie after ice cream and asked for more. And we brought one home. Woo hoo!

One of the things I like best is getting all these extra veggies into my diet. I simply don't think about eating carrots and kale and celery and other veggies that much unless it's time to make my veggie soup. With my Vitamix I'm eating all of those plus multiple fruits every morning. This picture makes me want a smoothie just looking at it. Yum.

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