Monday, September 28, 2009

Today. . .

Today I missed my sewing group at the county extension office - again. We slept late (in part because I'm getting used to my allergy medication) and then started getting ready, and I realized that between getting my sewing stuff ready, and getting our lunch ready and getting a two year old over her morning crankies, it just wasn't going to happen. Again. I know we'll miss next month, and I'm pretty sure we'll miss November too. Maybe someday I'll get to go again.

Today I got my Sublime Stitching order in the mail. Last week, they were having a $1 special on shipping. I've been wanting to order an embroidery pattern from them, but wasn't sure about shipping costs or which one to order. I thought the shipping sale was a perfect time to try, and finally decided on 3 patterns I really liked. When I started to place my order, I found out they also have a buy-3-get-1-half-off policy (or sale), so I got four: Dia de los Muertos, Garden Variety, Monkey Love, and I Love Veggies. I mentioned Sublime Stitching back in March and Garden Variety was not one of the patterns I was interested then. I decided that I didn't care for the deer head in the Forest Friends pattern and I still couldn't think of a reason I needed a pattern for stitching a sewing machine. I may change my mind someday. Anyway, I placed the order Thursday night, so I was surprised to get my patterns so quickly.

Today I watched a made-for-tv movie that my husband recorded for me one afternoon recently called The Face on the Milk Carton, starring Kellie Martin. I don't remember watching it originally (1995) even though I loved Kellie Martin. Then again, 1995 was a crap year for me, and my roommate hated Kellie Martin. And I don't think we had a tv in our dorm that year. Anyway, it's about a girl who thinks she recognizes herself in a picture on a milk carton, meaning she thinks she may have been kidnapped as a child. It was disturbing and sad, and made me think even more about the book I read this weekend - Free Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy. How likely is it for my child or any other individual child to be kidnapped - so incredibly unlikely. (More on this book soon.)

Today is a beautiful day to look at out the window but so windy once you get out there.

Today I'm thinking about making some soup.

Today I'm working on my daughter's Halloween costume. It's both harder and easier than I thought it would be. My fears of using a Simplicity pattern are unwarranted, and yet there are difficulties I didn't expect. For example, pinning the pattern to the fabric before cutting is SO much more tedious than I'd considered. She's awfully excited about her costume, though. She even got to pick out the fabric herself (and did not choose the forest or lime green I would have).

Today I am thinking about the big bolt of linen I bought over the weekend from an ad off craigslist. It's my first craigslist purchase, and I was really nervous. I made it home safely, but I'm still hoping that my purchase was sound. But a bolt of linen! I'm so excited.

Today I'm wishing my Mama a happy birthday. We neglected to send a card this year, but I think Abigail and I will make her a little gift for the next time we see her instead.

Today I'm going out for a walk with my sweet neighbor who just called and invited me. I really wish I could make myself go for a walk without someone calling me first, but it seems I can't.

What are you doing today?

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