Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome New Readers

I'd like to welcome all new readers to my blog. I know some people are coming from the Best Posts of the Week blog, and I recently joined flikr. Thank you to both new and current readers for stopping by to see what I have to say. I really appreciate the support.

If you like what you see, I hope you'll stay a while. You can do what I used to do, and check this page regularly (or occasionally) to see if there's anything new. Or you can do something a lot easier: subscribe to my blog. What is subscribing? It's signing up for updates so that you can find them easier.

To the right of this post (if you're reading from my site and haven't already subscribed) you'll find three easy ways to do this:
  1. Subscribe in a reader - This means that you'll have my blog feed sent to the blog reader of your choice. Personally, I'm only familiar with Google Reader. It's great for me because I already have gmail, and it's just a tab for me within my email. If you click on the button you'll be given a choice of which reader you'd like to use. If you read more than one blog regularly, this is a great way to keep up with them
  2. Subscribe via email - This way you can have my blog posts sent directly to your inbox. If you only read a few blogs or you don't want to have to check a lot of different sites each time you get on your computer, this might be the best option for you.
  3. Follow me with Blogger - If you have a blogger account because you have your own blog or because some of the blogs you read don't allow anonymous comments, then you can follow me, and my posts will show up on your Blogger dashboard. Conveniently, if you later open a Google Reader account,  all the blogs you follow will also be in the reader.
I subscribe to blogs for several reasons. It's easier to keep up with blogs that I find interesting as I go about my business. If I find a post that I particularly like, I can mark it as a favorite so I can find it again (it's one way I build my linky posts). It also helps my favorite blogs with their stats - they can show advertisers or companies with giveaways that they have a high traffic and are worth the investment.

I use Networked Blogs on Facebook also, although I primarily see it as a way of advertising my blog to those who might not know about it already. I've found that Networked Blogs is too difficult to use to keep up with the blogs I enjoy, so I use it to find new blogs and then subscribe to them through Google Reader.

Do you use a blog reader? Why do you subscribe (or not) to favorite blogs?

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