Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ali Edwards and Stacy Julian

 I started taking Ali Edwards new Big Picture Scrapbooking class, Yesterday + Today, on Friday. The class is based on her philosophy of words + photos. From what I can tell, we will be making an album containing the stories (at least some of them) that we would want people to know about us if we were no longer here to tell them. Since I mentioned recently that I'm working on a similar album for my daughter, I'm very excited about this. We'll also have the ability to make some of the pages digitally using Ali's own digital designs she's made exclusively for the class.

 A few weeks ago, I posted my 12 stories that I wanted to make sure that I scrapbook. This class will build on that and help me get these stories in a album. I had several comments on that post about the time and organization that is involved in scrapbooking our memories. Scrapbooking does involve time and organization, but perhaps not in the way you might think.

 I've had to organize my photos (through the Library of Memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking or the book Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian). I took the class, organized some of my photos according to the system, and then take a little time here and there to organize the rest (and stay current as I take photos).

 I do take time to scrapbook, but I still don't do it as often as I'd like. I try to make sure none of my pages take more than 15-30 minutes each. If my daughter is awake, I might set her up to draw or something else non-messy while she works next to me. I've actually had her work on pages about her grandparents with me. I put the photos down where she tells me, put a piece of patterned paper down where she tells me, and then I let her "journal." Then I wrote a little about the photo and her relationship with the grandparent and why I let her draw all over the page.

I actually don't have Abigail's first year scrapbooked. I have the album and pages all ready but I haven't gotten around to pulling the photos or doing the journaling. I did keep a daily journal for most of the first two years, although I didn't start that until she was seven months old. I have notes here and there for that period. The point is, I'm not stressed about not having her 1st year album done. And I'm certainly not making her an album a year until she moves out. All the other pages are for me. (Actually, the first year might be for me, too. We'll see.) I scrapbook the stories and photos that I feel the need to scrapbook at the times that I sit down. I do not feel like I'm behind because I know where my stories and photos are and can get to them when I'm ready.

If you're interested in taking Ali's class, there is still time to sign up. Registration closes on October 7 at 10pm. The work load is not going to be huge - just one layout a week.

In related news, Stacy Julian is no longer blogging on typepad. She has started her own website at Stacyjulian.com. This website is meant to help fill in the gap left by Simple Scrapbooks. Not only does she blog from this site now, but there are also pod casts, playlists, and inspiration not only for scrapbooking but for life. I love the way this new site feels like a scrapbook of Stacy all on its own. Check it out. I'm really looking forward to sitting down to enjoy the pod casts.

One of my goals is to help people see that scrapbooking is not all about cut and paste. The creativity part is fun, but my favorite part is the documenting the connection between people (and places and things). And using scrapbooking as a way to connect with people. My daughter loves to look through our People We Love section in our Library of Memories. We have four (not completely full) albums in this section, and most of the people we love live far away from us. It's so much fun to look through these albums and remember people we don't get to see often or introduce Abigail to people she doesn't know yet.

It's all about connecting.

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