Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chicago - Children's Museum

 While we were in Chicago last November, I wanted to check out the Chicago Children's Museum at the pier. I found out that the museum was free on Thursday evening from 5-8pm, so we planned our trip for then. I was hoping my husband could get off work in time to join us, but it didn't work out. So it was just Abigail, my mom and I.

 I really wanted to see the toddler area, and it was really cool. There were anatomically correct baby dolls and a tub to wash them. Abigail really got into giving the babies a bath, but when she started getting water all over us I choose to find another activity.
That's when we went to the Treehouse Trails exhibit that is designed for kids five and under. There is a stream for catching fish (or playing in the water again), a canoe, a garden (see photo) and a log cabin filled with an awesome play kitchen. There were a lot of kids there (it might have been a better idea to pay at a different time so it would have been less crowded) but Abigail held her own and cooked and gardened. 
It was Native American Heritage night or something like that, and a group was making this yummy flatbread. I think it was from the Navajo, but I didn't write that down. It was similar to a homemade donut, though.
This boat was from a special exhibit on circles that was at the museum last fall. I took this photo because Abigail's great-grandfather built boats in Vietnam, and I wanted to ask her Grandma if this is the kind he built. What a cool connection if it is!

Unfortunately, we got to the pier so late that the only thing we saw there was the Children's Museum and a really good pizza place. Parking prices are insane in Chicago, and we were actually staying in Schaumberg so the train didn't seem to be an option. If we ever get another chance to go to Chicago I plan to research the L, because between parking and traffic, I don't really want to drive there again. (I mentioned my struggles with Chicago traffic here.)


Jennifer said...

Phoenix Children's Museum and the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia are also great children's museums. My son, who is almost four, had a blast at both of them. If you're ever in the Philly airport, the Please Touch Museum has a playspace set up in one of the terminals with planes and even a little platform that is set up like a control tower. It really saved our sanity when we had a long delay over the summer. The children's Museum in Atlanta is pretty good, and I was looking at the website for one in Birmingham AL that looks really great. I hope we can get there at some point. Wow, I had not realized we had been to so many children's museums! It's so nice to have access to the kind of huge activities that you just can't have at home.

Indigo, madder, marigold said...

Wow, this looks fun! We went to Chicago last year but the only fun we had was the workshop we were attending (Village Harmony). It was soooo cold and rainy and I was newly pregnant. Maybe next time we'll visit the museum.

Anne said...

That looks like a total blast! The Erie children's museum leaves so much to be desired . . . We'll just have to visit some friends in Chicago soon!

If you're ever in Portland, be sure to check OMSI out!