Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chicago - Oriental Institute

 My mom arrived to Chicago on Wednesday (if you're just joining us, this is my story of our trip to Chicago in November 2008). I picked her up from the airport mid-morning, then we went to downtown Chicago to look for an Italian beef sandwich and the Oriental Institute

 I was searching for a restaurant near the University of Chicago campus called Edwardo's. We had gone there on a trip several years earlier, and I remembered the Italian beef sandwich being wonderful. So we split a sandwich and a pizza and both were wonderful. The service was seriously lacking. I don't think she refilled our drinks the whole time, and we would sit for 20 minutes or more without seeing her at all. It was the same way the first time we went. Also, Edwardo's charges extra to put cheese on your sandwich, but they add cheese without asking. If I liked cheese it wouldn't be a problem, but I really don't. Other than that, we really enjoyed the food.
 The museum was the reason we were on the University of Chicago campus though. We went to the museum on a trip to Chicago in 2006 (the same trip where we discovered Edwardo's). It is filled with mummies and other artifacts from ancient Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, etc. I really wanted my mom to see the piece of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

 We learned that a museum filled with antiquities might not be the best place for an almost-two year old. She wanted to walk instead of ride in her stroller which might have been fine if there weren't giant sculptures throughout the exhibits. Sculptures that I was sure were either very old or very expensive and very heavy and didn't look very secure.

 My perspective during this trip was different (our previous trip was before I got pregnant), and I noticed more about the children's lives and about motherhood. I found scrolls that were related to childbirth, and we were all fascinated by the toys and games that children played thousands of years ago.

 Sorry about the quality of the photos. I think I was trying something new by not using the flash and experiencing motion. Also trying not to get a glare from the display cases.

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