Thursday, November 5, 2009

Five Magazines I'm Enjoying

I am a reader. I love to read almost anything, and I have this tendency to have to read everything if I see it. I read headlines in the grocery line. I read cereal boxes. I read memos upside down. I am not trying to pry or be nosy. I just can't help myself from reading the printed word. My husband says it's an addiction. Maybe.

My first love is books, but my nephew says I talk about books a lot on this blog, so I thought I'd share the five magazines that I'm enjoying these days. I don't necessarily subscribe to them but I usually like what I find.

  1. Creating Keepsakes - I have subscribed off and on to this magazine since early 2000. I first saw it on the newsstand at the bookstore soon after I got the job. I've always been into handmade heirlooms, so I picked it up and a whole new world opened up. I loved Simple Scrapbooks more, but since it's gone now I've found things to love again about CK.
  2. Mothering - I first heard about this magazine when my doula mentioned it to me soon after Abigail's birth. I wish I'd taken her suggestion then to subscribe, but a friend has started giving me her back issues on occasion (thanks, Abbey!). It's a much more gentle and calm parenting magazine than so many of the others out there and discusses issues I care about.
  3. Mary Jane's Farm - I recently discovered this magazine in Borders or Tractor Supply or something and ordered a sample issue. It is what Mother Earth News can be, but without all the tractor articles. It's about farm life, but is open to urban farming. It's about hand-crafted goodness. It includes recipes and craft ideas. So fun.
  4. Living Crafts - I've seen this magazine in JoAnn, and mentioned on several blogs. I haven't picked up a copy but I love thumbing through it. I keep looking for a craft I already know instead of one I have to learn. It's heavy on the knitting, which I'd love to learn but haven't. Once I find a good sewing project, though, I think it will be all over for me.
  5. Family Fun - Actually, I want to put Wondertime here, but it was a victim of the economy (I guess). Family Fun has always been a great source of craft ideas and I enjoy finding features about creating fun playrooms. I really like their books with collected ideas too.
Bonus: Bitch Magazine: Feminist Response to Pop Culture - I've been reading this magazine since about 1997 when Ms. took a hiatus from publishing. I hesitate to write about it because the title sounds offensive, but it's meant in the sense of getting together to talk (and also in claiming offensive words) and get things off our chests. I enjoy the sense of fun this magazine has - it is about pop culture after all.


gardenmama said...

Mothering and Living Crafts are also favorites of mine! It is lovely to see some new titles here as well! Many warm wishes to you : )

Donna said...

I love your header comments - I feel very much like that too. Whenever anyone asks me 'where did you get that idea?' or 'how do you know how to do that?' the answer is nearly always 'from my mom!'. Hope I can be as inspirational as her :-) x

Anonymous said...

I like reading magasines too. I don't think we can get the titles here in the UK. My favourite US mag is 'Cloth, paper, scissors'.

Nadine said...

I'd love to get a copy of CK one day
but my local scrapbooking store marks
up the price so it's hard to afford an
issue ):

anyway, I have a weird habit of hoarding
and collecting magazines without reading
the whole thing through :/

atm I subscribed to two surfing magazines
and so far, I think I thumbed through a few
and the rest remains untouched >.<