Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Get Over a Funk

As I've mentioned previously, fall is my general funk time of year. I wish I meant funk in the "I'm so funky" good way, but no. So what do I do to break out of this funk?
  • Put on feel-better music. For me, this is usually REM. My favorite album of ALL time is Automatic for the People and I'm not lying when I say that I have at times listened to this album all day long for weeks. So maybe it doesn't get me out of my funk, but it does help me get through it. (I also listened to it while I was in labor and I think it kept me from killing my husband for hitting every single bump in the road during the forty-five minute drive. Really, he was perfect that morning, but the road was awful.)
  • Play dancing music. I really really like crunk when I need a lift. You know, Lil' John, "Get Low," "Yeah" (Usher). I recently discovered that crunk is based in Atlanta hip-hop (give me a break, I haven't lived in Georgia for ten years), so that may kinda explain it. Unfortunately, most crunk is not acceptable music for a two year old. Although she does enjoy listening to the Black Eyed Peas with me, and they're close enough.
  • Coloring or painting. There's just something about picking up art supplies and getting lost in creating for no reason. I had a lot of coloring books in my early twenties because I didn't have to think much while I followed the lines someone else had put there. Now, I kind of like to doodle on plain paper in part because I don't want Abigail to feel obligated by coloring books yet.
  • Changing direction. Getting focused on something new can help so much to lift my spirits. I spent much of October feeling great because I was in a different setting (and so much of it was at the beach). I tried to keep my focus once we got home, and Heather deciding to visit has definitely helped. I am so focused on making sure we're ready for her visit that I'm not thinking about anything else! Of course, that also means fun home stuff is getting put aside too. That's ok. We'll be ready by tomorrow night!
  • Looking through old photos. Remembering the good memories. And remembering some bad. And remembering that Mama always said "This too shall pass" and it always did. And remembering that one time that she didn't say it, and I survived that too. Ali's Yesterday + Today has been really good for me this year.
Of course, I'm focusing here on the getting-out-of, not the getting-through-and-getting-by. That's for another day.


Laura said...

I totally still love to color too! And looking through my old photos is always fun too. Finding new stories to tell. Awesome. :)

P.S. I always get "funky" during Winter.

Rachel said...

I love Automatic for the People too! Nightswimming is one of my all time favorite songs.

And my little boy shares your Abigail's love of the Black Eyed Peas. He always wants me sing "I've Gotta Feeling" to him at night when we sit and rock before bedtime. :)

I really enjoyed this post. I get the bad, bad funk through the winter as well, and it's a good idea to gear up for it. Good to know I'm not alone.

Lisa said...

thanks for being authentic and sharing that the fall season puts you in a funk, how enlightening...your fun ideas to pull you out of the funk are practical and easy to apply...check out Stacy julians finishline playlist on her website...I get motivated by hearing those tunes (and kids can listen too)!!

Looking at the old photos is something we have in common...however I LOVE FALL

your classmate at Yesterday Today

Dou-la-la said...

"I love Automatic for the People too! Nightswimming is one of my all time favorite songs."

Ditto to all of this!

Hope you navigate and transcend the funk.

Anonymous said...

Winter is my "in a funk" season. Fall I love more than the other seasons so I have no problem during Fall, but winter is a different story. Music helps me tremendously as well as just forcing myself to do something creative. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier! Looking forward to checking more of yours out.