Friday, November 20, 2009

A Visit with a Friend

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them." Ralph Waldo Emerson
As I've mentioned several times lately, my friend Heather came to visit us last weekend. We've known each other since second grade and we've been close friends for the majority of that time. We had most of our classes together all through elementary, middle and high school. We briefly went to college only about thirty minutes apart. We've always had each other's back, even when we were out of touch. Now that we've had children around the same time, we've grown even closer.

Heather has one son who is nine months older than Abigail and a son is eight months younger than Abigail. While Abigail and I enjoy attending playgroups, and she does have (much older) cousins, this was the first time we had children around her age in our home for a significant length of time. I guess you could say it was her first slumber party. She really didn't know what to do with them at first. Until now, we've only been able to see one another for a few hours three or four times a year. Fortunately, the last time was in October, and Abigail had good memories of playing on the slides at the Chick-fil-A with Daniel and Brandon (or "Danielle and Brannon" as she calls them).

We spent Friday night getting used to one another and watching more Max & Ruby and Toot & Puddle than any of the adults could stand, but it did mean a little less commotion. Three toddlers in a small space was definitely interesting. The boys enjoyed our goldfish pond, and Abigail informed them that they could feed the fish as she asks to do nearly every single day.

My husband made his yummy homemade pizza and we fed the kids wienie dogs wrapped in bagels. (We're not that talented - it's a premade appetizer from Costco.)

On Saturday, we took Heather to one of our favorite restaurants - Lemongrass - where you can order your choice of Thai, Vietnamese or Chinese food. She had not had Thai or Vietnamese food before and we ordered three different dishes so she could gain some confidence in ordering on her own in Georgia (where we're from and she lives). I would love to tell you what we ordered, but I only know them as the noodle dish my husband likes, the ginger chicken pot dish and the garlic and black pepper dish with lettuce. We ordered lettuce wraps but they never arrived. Oh well.

When we got home, Abigail and I taught the boys one of our favorite pastimes - painting rocks.

For dinner, Lee made hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Several of the burgers had cheese on the inside. To fulfill Heather's second foodie request (the first being Thai or Vietnamese food), Lee made pretzel rolls to serve as hamburger buns.

On Sunday, Heather and I took the kids to the Louisville Zoo. She said she'd heard me talk about it so much on my blog and Facebook that she wanted to see it firsthand. Her boys seemed to enjoy the snakes and turtles and posing on the statues, just like Abigail does. (She loves looking at every single snake while I pretend that I'm ok with them. I don't want to give her any of my phobias.)

Abigail loved having a friend to walk through the zoo. Early on, we noticed Abigail and Brandon holding hands. After walking this way for a while, he snatched his hand away. She then spent the next twenty minutes or so trying to get him to hold her hand. "No, you have to. You have to, Brannon!" I'm not sure why she thought he had to hold her hand all the way through the zoo, but she insisted that it was not because she thought he was a baby. (Good thing. He's bigger than her.)

When we got home, we painted placemats using hand prints and leaf prints (we gathered leaves while at the zoo). Leaf prints are not as easy to do as I thought they would be, but I'll discuss that in another post. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching Bolt, Up, and Piglet's Big Movie and eating the grilled chicken and pork chops with mashed potatoes that my husband made for us.

As with any visit involving small children, there were stumbles along the way, but overall I think we had such a great time. It's the longest we've spent together in years, and it was so wonderful to see new friendships forming with the next generation. I can't wait to do it again!

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Angela2932 said...

Looks like you had a great time together! Sounds like a visit that is definitely scrapbook-worthy!