Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decorating our Christmas Tree

Last night, very late (much too late), we finally got around to setting up our Christmas tree. We'd spent the afternoon Christmas shopping, which was difficult as we were all buying for each other. There was a lot of "don't come in this store - we're busy" and Mommy keeping Abigail's attention while Daddy bought gifts and snuck them to the car and vice versa. We've recently discovered that this girl has an amazing memory and we can't afford to let her see any gifts like she did last year.

Unfortunately, she fell asleep as we were leaving the mall and heading to Target, our last stop. We thought she would wake up when we got there or while we were walking around. She didn't. This made it easier to shop for her, at least. We figured she would wake up when we got home and have dinner with us. (Lee made a pot roast in the crock pot before we left home.) She didn't wake up when we got home, either. Let's face it, we've all been sick and our clocks are all off. So I won't share times, but I won't feel guilty about it either.

Anyway, once she did wake up and become her cheerful self again and ate a little, Lee brought our Christmas tree upstairs. We have a seven foot tree, but we have only put it up one time because our nine year old cat thinks she a kitten or a puppy and hides in the branches or steals ornaments. She's harder to catch in a tall tree. So for the last eight years or so, we've used a 3 1/2 foot tree and since we've been in our current house (five Christmases now) we've kept our tree in the guest room where we can actually lock our cat out of the room. (Since we have guests during Christmas, our larger tree still isn't practical.)

Lee brought the tree up and put the lights on (blue and white) and then Abigail asked if she could finally start putting the ornaments on. I enjoyed telling her the stories behind our ornaments as I handed them to her. I didn't think she was paying attention until Lee came back in the room and she handed him one saying "Abby and Daddy give this to Mommy."

Our ornament tradition is to give each other an ornament on Christmas Eve. We almost always give Hallmark Keepsake ornaments although I have bought some from different sources over the years. When Lee was in high school, his best friend's family had the tradition to give Hallmark ornaments and they started giving them to him too. Now we also give them to our niece and nephew and our daughter. The reason we exchange them on Christmas Eve is because on our first Christmas together, Lee wanted to open all of our presents on Christmas Eve. I compromised by saying we could open our ornaments then.

As predicted, when we turned our backs, our silly cat started stealing ornaments. I really should know better to put the fuzzy teddy bear on the tree. She has stolen it every year since I got it. It's back in it's box again. I'd like to display our more breakable ornaments, but I love our cat and I'd rather enjoy her presence than be upset that I have to put some things away.

Some of my favorites ornaments:
  • a golden Scottie dog with a halo to represent my friend Cathy (I bought 3 the year after she passed away, one for me, one for our friend Jen and one for Cathy's mom)
  • a pine cone with two mice snuggled into it signifying our first home togetherCheck Spelling
  • a set of crocheted ballet shoes that my sister-in-law's mother-in-law made for me last year to symbolize my college roommate who passed away shortly after we graduated
  • the El Salvadoran "G" I bought from a a shop that specializes in Fair Trade crafts (Just Creations, for locals) when we were engaged to symbolize that I would take my soon-to-be husband's last name
  • the Delta Flyer that says "This is Captain Janeway of the Starfleet vessel Delta Flyer" when you turn it on - in Captain Janeway's voice!

When we left to go shopping this afternoon, Abigail ran to the guest room, opened the door and yelled "Goodbye tree!" before leaving. (She also said goodbye to the cat.) I love this time of year.

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Sian said...

I really enjoyed reading about your favourite ornaments..such a good idea to record them like this. Your shopping sounds like a lot of fun!