Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gift Ideas for my Todder, 2009 edition

This time last year, I posted my idea list of things I thought would make good gifts for my daughter Abigail. It's getting to be that time of year, so I'm planning once again for Christmas (and her birthday coming in January). You can find my ideas for last year here.

Last year I was very ambitious, and listed all sorts of handmade things I wanted to make for her. I still haven't completed most of them. And while I have lots of ideas still, I know I'm running out of time. Hopefully some of my thoughts on what we believe will make good gifts for our almost-three-year old will give you some ideas for any toddlers you know.

  • more train components for her wooden train set (not Thomas)
  • a doll (she specifically asked Santa for one, and has been adamant that he is bringing her babies)
  • more play silks
  • art supplies (glitter glue, paint, nice art paper - I'm getting ideas from Young At Art by Susan Striker)
  • dress up clothes
  • doll clothes
  • wooden play food
  • Olivia books (by Ian Falconer - we have none, surprisingly)
  • sewing cards
  • art easel (I especially like the one from Melissa and Doug that has clips to hang our art paper from)
  • Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales illustrated by Lucy Cousins - Yes, Lucy Cousins from Maisy fame. I don't care for Maisy, but I love Cousins' style. She has the best Mother Goose book I've ever seen, but it's unfortunately out-of-print. This fairy tale book is new and I can't wait to see it in person.
  • original Memory game
  • family memory game (with family photos)
  • handmade blocks (really, I will eventually finish these)
  • Olivia quilt (I bought the fabric in June, cut it out several weeks ago - doubt I'll finish by Christmas)
  • sock monkey (handmade, of course)
  • little red wagon
  • wooden play kitchen

Of course, she won't get all of this. These are just some of my thoughts as we've made the list of things we want to give her and given suggestions to our loved ones who ask. I really would like to finish the quilt, but after my pot fiasco, I'm worried about running my sewing machine!

What kinds of things are you considering this year for your children or children you know?


UK lass in US said...

My kids always liked the hats best when it came to dress-up clothes - we don't have many clothes, actually, just lots of hats.

momandkiddo said...

If you have an IKEA near you they have an easel for only 20$, which is just as good as the melissa and doug version. I use the large size binder clips at the top of the easel to hang artwork/paper, and it works just great. They also sell paper to go with it but it fits the m&d paper rolls, too.

Sian said...

I think I would still happily accept any of those gifts myself today...lovely ideas. That Mother Goose book was always one of favourites when my two were little

Sunny Snaith said...

You know how little kids sometimes seem to like the boxes and wrapping paper as much as the gifts? You can have a lot of fun with packing material, if you're willing to make a mess and some noise.

Popping bubblewrap, having packing peanut snowshowers, and jumping on those packing pillows can be fun for kids of all ages (leftover bubblewrap from a corporate move was a big hit at a grown-up party I took it to).

Kids (and adults, for that matter) are so rarely allowed to be rambunctious and make a mess and make noise that doing so almost has to be fun -- just because you're breaking the rules!

Amy said...

Great list!
Simon is getting the Melissa & Doug easel for his bday this year. (two days after Christmas!)