Monday, January 25, 2010

Five Small Successes

The moms' group I belong to has an email list, and each week one of the moderators send out a list of five questions for us to answer. It's difficult with schedules and jobs and age ranges and lives for all of us moms to actually meet one another in person, so this is a helpful way for us to get to know each other. It also helps with conversation at playgroups because we already know a little about one another even if we haven't met before.

Anyway, this past Friday Dianna instead asked us what our five small successes of the week were. I've considered this thought all weekend and thought I'd share my answers here. Check out more about Small Successes  at Dianna's blog.) The idea is that we beat ourselves up so much over the things that we don't get done, and a list like this shows us what we have accomplished.

  1. Turned 35 without a single tear. This doesn't sound like a big success, but I promise you, turning 30 was a weep-fest. For weeks. So I'm impressed with myself that this milestone was no big deal.
  2. I got some paperwork dealt with that I've been avoiding for a while.
  3. I found some great deals on scrapbooking supplies and gifts for friends, including two books I wanted.
  4. I got Abigail's 3 year well-baby check-up scheduled before her birthday.
  5. I stayed on top of the laundry and actually got it folded the same day it was washed!
I may make this a part of my weekly blogging, too. I don't feel all that successful with this list. I feel like more of the list should be focused on my child. Perhaps that's part of the perfectionism that a list like this is supposed to curb?


Sian said...

I love this idea. It would be a wonderful idea to introduce to children too. A good habit to nurture.

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Perfectionism is one of my downfalls as well -- I love Small Successes, since it makes me acknowledge that I accomplish much more than I realize. Thanks for linking up!