Friday, January 15, 2010

Julie & Julia - a few thoughts

My Mama saw Julie & Julia in the theater over the summer. She called me afterward and told me it was so funny, and it was about a woman who had a blog and then she wrote a book and then it was made into a movie! And she thought maybe I could do that.

I wasn't all that familiar with Julie Powell's story, but I have to say that the idea that writing a blog could in any way lead to writing a book has always appealed to me.

The movie came out just in time to be a great Christmas gift for Mama, and the big plus was that I finally got a chance to watch it too. Amy Adams is adorable and Meryl Streep blew me away. My favorite line, of course, is "I could blog! I have thoughts!"

I enjoyed the movie, but wasn't sure about reading the book. I'd read pretty awful reviews of it. In Chapter by Chapter, though, Heather Sellers suggests reading lots of books that are similar to the ones you want to write. I don't know if Julie & Julia qualifies as the kind of book I want to write, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to check her book out of the library.

I'm on page 19, where she and her husband are finishing the potato soup she just made, and I read: ". . .the silence broken only by the occasional snort of laughter as we watched a pert blonde high school student dust vampires on the television."*

So, maybe Julie is a kindred spirit after all. We'll see.

*Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference


Kelli said...

Ah, you caught the writer bug! Congratulations! :)

Indigo, madder, marigold said...

hahaha I did like the movie too...complicated women and food...right up my alley!
I haven't caught the writing bug, but I DO have ideas for a craft book...enough to make a book. I just need organizing.
Write on mama! I admire women who write, and you certainly have an aptitude for expressing yourself.

Dou-la-la said...

I actually enjoyed the book. I can see why her tone (not to mention the dreaded Foul Language) would be off-putting to some, but it worked for me. And seriously, knowing what a big Buffy fan she is meant a LOT. That's how I really knew we were simpatico.

The movie is on a different level - and I could have watched Meryl Streep as Julia for twice that long, at least! So amazing. She just got the Golden Globe for it last night, in fact! I would be stunned it she didn't get the Oscar too.